About The Bowl Family


The Bowl Family of Attica, MI gathers from all corners of the country every two years to celebrate the joy and splendor of being a “Bowl”. Yes, we’ve been called ” Tidy Bowl”, “Toilet Bowl”, “Rose Bowl” and any number of other football games, but our pride doesn’t waiver.  We may not all have the same last name, but we’re all family. And, we all share a passion for having fun, eating great food and listening to fantastic (MI inspired) music around a campfire.

Both adults and kids (even a few teenagers!) have all made great memories during each of the previous BFVs – all held in Michigan, of course.

This site was built specifically for Bowls, but you’re certainly welcome to browse and join in the anticipation of our bi-annual vacation!

Bowl Family Vacation is….. Pure Michigan.

You can also visit sites from previous Bowl Family Vacations:

BFV 2008!

BFV 2010!

**Disclaimer: There are many inside jokes here so don’t assume we’re crazy. What’s funny to us, isn’t necessarily funny to everyone else.